Algaecide   •   Korcide 20 (KC-20)

Korcide (KC-20) is an Algaecide specifically formulated to control algae within residential ponds, rain barrels, cisterns, ornamental water features and fountains. KC-20 is approved by the US EPA and ready for private label development/state registration.

KC-20 is more suited for smaller bodies of water. KC-20 acts proactively to prevent the formation of algae instead of reacting to already growing algae. The proactiveness of KC-20 is due to the highly stable nature of the algaecide. Nearly all other algaecides, on the market have a life expectancy of 1-4 days and only work to eradicate already developed algae blooms. KC-20 remains in the water column until the algaecide is needed which means less algaecide is required over a season since preventing algae formation, proactively, requires significantly less algaecide than killing already formed and growing algae in a reactionary application.

Most algaecides on the market today are not self dispersing and require multiple applications sites around the pond or water feature. KC-20 is a self dispersing algaecide meaning that it quickly disperses evenly throughout water column without the need of multiple application sites for even dispersal.

KC-20 is much safer to non-targeted aquatic plants and fish than conventional algaecides on the market today. Since KC-20's proprietary formulation is water stable, the use of KC-20 becomes a mathematical equation based on water volume instead of a hit or miss application as directed by other algaecides. KC-20's predictability and stability mean less concentration of algaecide is needed to prevent algae from growing and less concentration yields safer environmental conditions for desired aquatic pants and fish. Other algaecides are not as predictable as KC-20 and subsequently are often administered at higher concentrations to achieve the same control as KC-20. Higher concentrations and less predictability often lead to potentially unsafe conditions for aquatic life.

Application rates for KC-20 are labeled at 0.06 ppm and are considered safe concentration levels for fish and most aquatic plants including lilies. Users are encouraged to apply early in the spring and reapply at the first hint of algae growth. Use of KC-20 at recommended dosages, should not affect biological filtration.

KC-20 is unique to the market since it is the only algaecide, of this type, with application rates suitable for residential ponds, rain barrels, cisterns, ornamental water features and fountains. The use of KC-20 offers nearly all aquatic pond owners an effective tool for controlling green water and algae blooms safely and proactively.

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